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Whether creating a dedicated home theatre in your basement, or carefully planning a surround sound system that blends seamlessly into your main living space, Simcoe AV takes pride in providing the best brands and solutions available on the market today.

Whole Home Audio & Video Solutions

From simple wireless speakers to completely hidden speaker solutions and televisions throughout the home. Let Simcoe AV help design the system of your dreams on any budget with no equipment in sight and easy control on your phone or tablet.

Home Automation & Smart Lighting

With the press of a button the lights dim, your favourite musician comes on and it's time to relax after a long day. Your whole home, from heating and cooling, blinds and lights, music and tv, can be controlled from the palm of your hand in one single easy-to-use app.

Security & Surveillance

Feel safe when in your home or away thanks to Simcoe AV’s security and surveillance solutions. Cameras around your property are available for live viewing from anywhere in the world. Be alerted when someone is at the door or enters your home, a water leak occurs or temperature changes and react instantly.

Network & WiFi Solutions

The home network is the backbone for many of today’s A/V and Automation Solutions. To get the most out of all of your content and equipment your network must be stable, reliable, and fast. Simcoe AV can work within any budget to create an upgraded network solution.