Simcoe AV is you full-service team to provide you with the perfect in home experience including Home Audio & Video, Automation & Lighting, Security, & Wifi Solutions to fit your every need.

Home Theatre
and Surround Sound

Home Theatre is not a new concept, but like everything else it has evolved. Whether creating a dedicated home theatre that becomes your family’s sanctuary for your favourite movies and television events or carefully planning a premium surround system for your main living space with speakers that disappear into your décor and equipment hidden away. Simcoe AV takes pride in providing the best brands and solutions available in the marketplace today.

Whole Home Audio
and Video Solutions

There have never been more options for filling your home with music.  From individually powered speakers in a couple of rooms with a TV over the fireplace, to completely hidden in-ceiling speaker solutions, with tv’s throughout the home, no equipment in sight, and full control at your fingertips.  Music in your backyard or around the pool? No Problem. 5 TV’s in your den to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action? Absolutely. All of your movies and music stored on a single hard drive and available on any device in the house? Definitely. Simcoe Audio Video will sit down with you at our showroom, in your home, or at your office and help design the system of your dreams within any budget.

Home Automation
and Smart Lighting

With the press of a button, the lights dim, your favourite musician comes on and it’s time to relax after a long day.  Your whole home, from heating and cooling, blinds and fireplaces, garage doors and lights, can be controlled from the palm of your hand in one single app.  Maybe you are heading up to the cottage after a long work week, never arrive in the dark again, with home automation you can have the cottage feel like you never left.  Simcoe AV’s home automation solutions are tailored to your specific needs from one room to your whole home.  With the right planning your home can do things for you!

Security and Surveillance

Feel safe when in your home or away thanks to Simcoe AV’s security solutions. Cameras around your property are always recording and can be viewed from anywhere in the world, be alerted if a door is opened, water is detected or even a temperature change occurs and react instantly!  Be notified that someone is at your front door, login to your cameras to see and speak to them, let them into your home and even lock up and arm your alarm after they leave all from anywhere on your phone.  Work with any number of Alarm monitoring centres or monitor your home from a smart phone with no monthly fee at all.  Simcoe AV has a large range of Security and Surveillance solutions for any home or budget.

Network and WiFi Solutions

The home network is the backbone for many of today’s A/V and Automation Solutions.  The way we get our entertainment has changed – streaming services, Network Accessible Storage, 4K Blu-rays, even our phones are capable of becoming the main source for audio or video – and  to get the maximum enjoyment out of all of your content and services a network must be stable, reliable and fast.  Suddenly there are 10, 20, or even 100 devices on your home network all fighting to properly share or stream data and all it takes is a small hiccup in the design to cause huge problems for the entire family.  Simcoe AV can work within any budget to find upgraded solutions for network stability and WiFi improvement, from small single zone condominiums that are struggling with competing Wifi systems to large scale multi zone commercial grade systems.