Man installing speakers in a livingroom with a woman observing

Welcome to Simcoe AV

Welcome to Simcoe Audio Video’s first blog post.  New site, new blog, and always new products in store.  I have been tasked with writing an interesting and fascinating blog for people to read.  A lot harder than it sounds!  I think the best place to start (not sure about interesting, and I highly doubt fascinating) is Simcoe AV itself.  We are a small team, 8 of us in total including my wife and I, 3 sales people and our installation crew who pride ourselves on providing the best in audio / video products and solutions.  What’s the difference between LED and OLED?  What is HDR and why does 4K matter?  How does Dolby Atmos work or what is Home Automation? These are great topics that I will write future blog posts on but I can tell you that our team in store is here to both answer those questions and actually demonstrate to you the difference in person.  For some people, they believe that the latest and greatest technology is the only way to go regardless of price, for others they feel the industry moves so fast the only real value comes at the entry level budget products but I find the majority of our clients choose something in between.  We focus on value, explaining each feature and technology while showing you how (or if) it applies to overall experience then let the customer decide where the value lies.  Of course, on every product we sell we match any Canadian Competitors price, but we also can install, program, and properly setup everything we sell as well, ensuring the customer gets years of enjoyment out of their investment.  On top of that, we answer the phone… and our email… to ensure we answer to any question or challenge that comes up.   This apply to everything we sell.  On the audio side, we have a great selection of Headphones, Portable and multi room audio solutions, turntables, stereos and home theatre systems to go with our televisions.  We also sell so much more, but I understand this can get a little overwhelming so my best suggestion is check out the new site, stop by the store, or simply reach out and book an appointment and we will come to you.  Your home, your office, a new build site, anywhere you need us with no charge or obligation to help design and quote the perfect system for you and your family.

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